Diploma Three of Nursing Accredited A

Diploma Three of Nursing Accredited A

Accreditation is an assessment of an educational institution (higher education) by parties outside an independent institution. This accreditation is an effort of the government to standardize and guarantee the quality of higher education alumni so that the quality of graduates between universities is not too varied and according to work needs. This quality assurance is not limited to tertiary institutions, but is also carried out at the level of the study program. Study program accreditation is carried out by the Independent Higher Education Institution for Health Accreditation (LAM-PTKes). LAM-PTKes is an independent accreditation body that does not belong to the government. Currently LAM-PTKes consists of Professional Organizations and Educational Institution Associations from 7 health sciences, namely Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Midwifery, Public Health, Pharmacy and Nutrition.

Diploma Three Nursing Study Program of STIKes Nursing Home, in an effort to maintain the quality of education and graduates do re-accreditation on November 14-16, 2019. This accreditation is carried out in the spirit of "Celebration of Learning". The results of the LAM-PTKes assessment Study Program Nursing Diploma Three Nursing Nursing Institution are accredited "very good" (A) with SK No .: 0667 / LAM-PTKes / Akr / Dip / XI / 2019. With this result, the Nursing Diploma Study Program STIKes Nursing Home is the only Three Nursing Diploma Study Program from private universities in the Province of DIY with accreditation A. (tt)

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