Millennial Generation Against HIV Nursing Seminar

Millennial Generation Against HIV Nursing Seminar

National health day which is celebrated every November 12 each year is the momentum of the Indonesian people to realize the importance of health development. Therefore, in commemoration of National Health Day, for the first time, the Students Association of Nursing Undergraduate Program at Stikes Panti Rapih held a nursing seminar on Saturday, November 30, 2019 at Campus II, the Hall of Carolus STikes, Panti Rapih Yogyakarta. The seminar with the theme "Millennial Generation Against HIV" took place very lively. This seminar took place from 09.00-12.30 by presenting several speakers.

The first session was opened by Dr. Yanri Wijayanti Subroto, PhD, SpPD.KPTI from the DIY health department. In his presentation, Dr. Yanri emphasized that there is a need for special policies in finding HIV cases in the community. As well as the need for policies to reduce the mortality rate of people with HIV, considering the new infection cases are still very high. In addition, an important point that he conveyed was related to supporting the launching of 3 Zero, namely Zero New Infection or no new HIV AIDS infections, Zero AIDS Related Deaths or no deaths due to AIDS and Zero Discrimination or no stigma and discrimination against people with HIV- AIDS.

The second session with the speaker Sr. Lucila Suparmi, CB, M.Kep., Sp.KMB as a lecturer at STikes Panti neatly. He delivered the topic "The role of nursing education in handling HIV". He said that nursing plays a role in dealing with HIV in various aspects, including biological, psychological, sociological, cultural and spiritual aspects. In the education setting, lecturers also play a role in overcoming the problem of HIV through the inculcation of education in values, religiosity, morals, to students, as well as research and community service related to HIV prevention and control.

The third session was with Magdalena speaker Diah Utami from Victory Plus Foundation Yogyakarta. In his topic on "PLWHA: Current situation and challenges going forward", he emphasized that there is still so much stigma and discrimination experienced by PLWHA because HIV is considered a curse because the act violates immorality. So he stressed that even PLHIVs should also have the same rights in treatment in the community and access to health services. Until now, there is still a lot of discrimination that occurs, such as the difficulty of attending school for Children with HIV and AIDS (ADHA), striking differences in hospital services, and even many cases of neglect for PLWHA and ADHA. Therefore, he invited to embrace HIV sufferers together, because PLWHA & ADHA are not to be shunned. His last message was "HIV is not the end. Correct information will save PLHA friends. Create Indonesia without stigma and discrimination ".

The last session was closed by Hilaria Asri, a graduate student in Nursing at Panti Rapih Nursing School. Topics presented on "The role of students in combating HIV". The role of students is considered very important because most HIV sufferers are young adults ranging from ages 20-29 years. Ways that can be done in the fight against HIV certainly starts from yourself, namely in the form of ABCDE. A = Absent ﴾not have free sex); B = Be faithful ﴾loyal to your partner); C = Condom ﴾use of condoms, especially for people at risk), D = Drugs ﴾do not consume drugs); E = Education ﴾looking for correct information).

This Nursing Seminar was attended by the lecturers of STikes Panti Rapih, nurses from various hospitals, as well as hundreds of students with a total of 264 participants. The seminar ended with giving a memento to all speakers. This educational seminar activity has generally been going well thanks to the collaboration between the committee and the help and support of various parties. Furthermore, this activity will become an annual routine agenda of the Nursing Nursing Nursing Nursing School. (ev-af)

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