The development of tertiary education must be carried out with family relations procedures that breathe Pancasila based on the insight of the alma mater.

Almamater insight is a conception that contains the following assumptions:

  1. Higher education must really be a scientific institution, while the campus must truly be a scientific community.
  2. Higher education as an alma mater (foster mother) is a unified and independent unit under the leadership of the Director as the main leader.
  3. The three elements of the academic community, namely lecturers, administrative employees, students and alumni must be one with the alma mater, devoted to him and through the alma mater serving the people, nation and country by carrying out the Tri Dharma of Higher Education.
  4. The three elements of the academic community in an effort to uphold universities as scientific institutions and campuses as scientific societies carry out Tri Karya, namely: Institutionalization, Professionalization and Transcolitization. Furthermore Tri's work can be explained as follows:

a. Institusionalisasi

Is the process of forming an institution where what is meant by an institution is a highly organized process or group (there are careful specifications of the roles and relationships between the roles for those concerned, systematized (there are careful specifications of what can and must be done) and steady (existence the process or group does not depend on the presence of certain individuals, whereas the organization and systematization tend not to change over time..

b. Profesionalisasi

Is the process of strengthening professions, where the profession is not meant just a job or vacation, but is a special vacation, which has characteristics such as expertise (expertise), responsibility (responsibility), and corporataness (peer).

c. Transpolitisasi
contains two things:

1) Political study activities to gain political awareness then move on and carry out scientific activities to carry out political decisions that have been legally taken by all the people through the people's deliberative assembly.
2) If you want to do politicization, you can't act on behalf of the alma mater and must be outside the campus environment.

  1. Social relations within the college and campus environment are based on the principle of kinship and uphold harmony and balance.