Colleges Generally aim for :

  1. Forming moral human beings who have the spirit of Pancasila and are responsible for the realization of a just and prosperous, material and spiritual Indonesian socialist society.
  2. Preparing capable personnel to assume positions that require higher education and who are capable of standing alone in maintaining and advancing science.
  3. Conducting research and community service in the fields of science, culture and social life.

Higher education and teaching is a major effort in completing the formation of the pious human person. Thus higher education is a place where Indonesian human education is centered with the spirit of Pancasila as a resident and carrier of Indonesian culture towards perfecting personal growth. The aim of the tertiary institution is to educate qualified personnel to assume leadership positions and be able to develop self-help for the advancement of science.

As a scientific institution, the university conducts research and scientific endeavors to progress in the field of science and culture, with the understanding that everything is aimed at the experience of human life and society.