Field Visitation Accreditation for Study Program Diploma Three Nursing STIKes Panti Rapih

Field Visitation Accreditation for Study Program Diploma Three Nursing STIKes Panti Rapih

On November 14-16, 2019, the Independent Accreditation Institute for Higher Education in Health (LAM-PTKes) conducted a field visitation in the context of accreditation for the Nursing Diploma Study Program at STIKes Rapih Panti Yogyakarta. The two assessors from LAM-PTKes Mr Ns. I Ketut Alit Adianta, S.Pd., S.Kep., M.N.S. and Ms. Renidayati, SKp.M.Kep., Sp.Jiwa arrived in Yogyakarta since Thursday afternoon November 14 2019 and immediately visited the Laboratory of Nursing Diploma Study Program Laboratory at Campus 1, Jl. Kaliurang Km 14 Yogyakarta. 

The following day, Friday 15 November 2019, the opening ceremony was attended by the assessors, chairmen of the Panti Rapih Foundation, leaders, all structural officials, all lecturers of the Three Nursing Diploma Study Program, all fillers and accreditation support teams. After the opening ceremony and listening to the presentation of the Nursing Diploma Study Program, the two horses agreed to visit the rooms and facilities in the Carolus and Elizabeth buildings (campus tour). Then, accompanied by the leaders of the two assessors, continued the visit to the practice land at the Ngemplak 1 Puskesmas and Panti Rapih Hospital in Yogyakarta. Both assessors were very impressed with the size and adequacy of the existing infrastructure at the Rapih Panti STIKes. Beginning at 13:00 an interview and document review were conducted with the leaders of Panti Rapih STIKes and the entire team filling 1 to 7 standard forms, alumni, prospective users of graduates, students and the Three Nursing Diploma Study Program.

After conducting visitations and conducting interviews the assessors draw conclusions and provide assessments. The conclusion of the visitation was signed by the two assessors and leaders of the Panti Rapih Panti and submitted on Saturday 16 November 2019.

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